CAIP is available to all Canadian athletes, coaches, managers and officials who are members in good standing of a sport organization, such as a National Sport Organization, Provincial Sport Organization, Canadian Sport Centre, Canadian Sport Institute, Sport Teams, Leagues, Clubs, Schools, Multisport Organizations etc.

We can accept enrollment from any of the above-mentioned Sport organizations or directly from Individuals.  Please refer to the “Enrollment” section for further details.

Can Individuals enroll in CAIP?

Yes, individuals can enroll in CAIP for In Canada and/ or Travel medical insurance.  The Individual enrollment forms are posted on the web site.

Are there any enrollment restrictions?

No, there are no restrictions.  We can insure from one person to much larger groups.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, there are no age restrictions

How long has CAIP been around?

CAIP started offering insurance to Canadian athletes in 1982.

What is the difference between “Accident” and “Overuse”?

Accident is a sudden and unexpected event which directly results in an injury to the insured person.

Overuse is a chronic injury that happens over a period of time as a result of repetitive activity.

Consequently, the claims are handled differently for these two benefits.  The sport accident has to occur while the member is insured in CAIP and we pay the insured expenses within 52 weeks after the date of the accident.

Overuse injuries are handled a bit differently.  The treatment for the overuse injury has to be received when the member is enrolled in CAIP.  This is because overuse is a chronic injury and there is not a specific date of accident.

Which benefits are covered for “Overuse” injuries?

Overuse coverage applies to Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy (CATA), Massage Therapy, Chiropractor and Orthotics.  All other benefits in the CAIP insurance program is as a result of a sport accident.

What are the different insurance options offered in CAIP?

There are three insurance options:

  • In Canada insurance which covers both Accident and Overuse injuries – Policy no. 1PA25
  • In Canada insurance which covers Accident injuries only – Policy no. 1SJ90
  • Travel medical insurance – Policy no. 1RN65

Can In Canada and Travel medical insurance be purchased separately?

Yes, the In Canada and Travel medical insurance can be purchased separately or together if you wish.

Do the In Canada and Travel medical insurance policies cross reference each other?

Yes, both policies cross reference each other.  When the travel medical insurance is combined with one of the In Canada insurance options, we will continue to cover the CAIP member In Canada following an accident that occurred outside Canada.